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Sunday, October 01, 2006

MorAouns and The Convenience of Sectarianism

When a certain MorAoun struggles with his support in a certain community he tends to remind the community of the war and of the atrocities of the war in an attempt to fan the flames of sectarianism, while others (definitely not out of the goodness of their heart) pursue a path of reconciliation...

Of course, this particular morAounic nature is not unique (though extremely obvious in the afore mentioned MorAoun), and in fact sectarian leaders display it when their level of support in their particular sect is threatened. Nothing like good old fear and hatred of the other to "rally the troops"...

1 comment:

M. said...

“Nothing like good old fear and hatred of the other to "rally the troops"”

It works like magic! And they are all guilty of using it over and over again whenever it suits them. But there’s something a bit more irritating when a certain leader uses it while trying to sell us, on the other hand, the idea that he is secular and heads a secular movement. To compensate the loss of some Christian supporters due to his latest political positions he sent one of his MPs to fix the damage. And here’s how we got the charming “Call for the Maronites”. Of course it would have been inappropriate for an FPM MP to issue such a sectarian call but how convenient is it to have Naamtallah Abi-Nasr among your troops? I was curious how Aoun would react to such a call. Well, you guessed it, he congratulated the author! I wrote a post about that a few days ago. Check it out if you have some time: