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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Lebanese Newspaper's Interpretation of the Jan 23 Riots

Read em and weep:

Some translated sentences from Annahar (Wednesday's edition) front page
- Security forces, especially the army, passes the test of preserving peace in a complicated multi-faceted security situation.
- The government supporters tested their resolve in the face of opposition pressure and challenged the latter's disruption of public life.
- The opposition tested their ability to make the strike... a success.

In other words ladies and gentlemen, in Lebanon, everybody is a winner. And maybe, just maybe, that was the whole idea behind this last opposition move.


Blacksmith Jade said...

Good post :)

Blacksmith Jade said...

The thing is though, this "winning" situation cost the country at least 5 lives and countless injuries - not to mention the money, image, etc... - when in all reality, it could've come for free.

Had there been some sort of negotiated solution (say the opposition gets to close the roads for 4 hours, the army gets to open them - after they declare the end of the protest - and everyone goes to work for the rest of the day) then everyone could've come out a winner without the disgusting mess that we saw today.

Just a thought.

Jeha said...

Worse than a mess; the line that was crossed sent us on a path to war, whether they "spin" it more or not...

Ms Levantine said...

La ghaleb, la maghloub. The Lebanese formula is safe. We can go on basking in our usual mess.

Blacksmith Jade said...

When it comes down to militants closing down roads, the state's sercurity institutions either unwilling or unable to reopen them, and people being forced to "take matters into their own hands", then kilna maghloubeen...the whole nation loses!

Ms Levantine said...

BJ, we have been maghloubeen for as long as I can remember, but very few people seem to mind.

In fact, we might have to change our national anthem to a more realistic one: kulluna Maghloubeen/
lill inhitat/lill taefiyyat/ kalashinkovna wal Jehel...

JoseyWales said...

Passing a test?

When you can't call a cat a cat, you can't think right.

If you can't think right you can't solve your problem.

Yeah this is another big victory for the country. Only question for the demented is: is it bigger that the July 07 divine victory?

Abu Kareem said...


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JD said...

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