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Thursday, June 14, 2007


From the infiltration of SyroQaedic groups to Lebanon, to the war that one of them is waging against the Lebanese army in the north, to the assassination of yet another member of the March 14 alliance, to the spree of sporadic bombing of Lebanese towns, to the growing possibility of more unrest from Syrian supported Islamic or puppet Palestinian groups, the Syrian regime is feeling the heat, and is turning it on Lebanon.

Meanwhile, Lebanon stands helpless. With every bomb exploding, every civilian, every soldier, every politician, or every journalist killed, the feeling of helplessness grows and the gap that divides the Lebanese grows with it into an everwidening schism.

March 14 stands helpless, with no real plan, clawless and toothless, unable and unwilling... March 8 stands silent despite the noise it makes, refusing to appease, unrelenting in its obstructionism, complicit...

All the while, whatever diabolical scheme that our brotherly neighbors have hatched for the destruction of Lebanon comes to dark fruition.

Regardless of whatever eventually happens in Syria or to its regime, I am not sure that the fragile fabric of Lebanese society can recover...

Everything seems to point towards an increase in violence and an increase in the turmoil, with chaos peaking around the time of the presidential election... The question that looms large is whether or not Lebanon can survive in one piece (assuming it still is in one piece) till then and more ambitiously past that, or whether we are looking at a Gaza like future...


JoseyWales said...

Fatah will take the West Bank and Hamas Gaza. 2 states.

Maybe time for same in Lebanon? Just wondering, though any sub-part that will be as cowardly as the current gvmnt. won't survive long. .

Danfinrud said...

Though I live in the US. I hurt for the people of Lebanon. The pain I see in many places of the world. The destruction and no care for life of those not involved. Terrorism in any form is bad. But though you point at Syria. Could it not be IRAN pulling the strings supplying the money. Too many things taking place.
Lebanon is in my prayers that they can find the way to solve the issues.
But as long as there are people who want to control and force you to live by their rules instead of live in harmony you can not win.
Tough trials are ahead of Lebanon. They will either move into Chaos or come out stronger than before with unity and respect for differences. Christians and Arabs both have rights. Human rights but as long as terrorism and terrorist groups control those rights do not exist. It will take leaders of both communities to join with other groups to say enough is enough for you to survive as a nation.
If those voices are killed only the terrorists win. Voices of understanding and moderation are silenced when they should be heard. It takes courage to face death threats. If a voice from the arab community talking about reform and moderation is killed Christians should treat it as one of their own being killed.
As I read the various blogs I know there is a lot of pain and anger. Hold it against the terrorist and terrorist organizations that are causing the issues. They are making matters worse. They will bomb their own people and blame it on Christians. Put the blame where it belongs not on the innocents people caught in the crossfire. Yes innocent people will die but sometimes it is the part of the cost of freedom. Freedom or tyranny that is the choice you face today. Only by working together both Arab and Christian can that freedom be won. Because the other option will place all peoples in the same shape as the Palestine people that live in the camps. No future, No hope.

Barrett Laurie said...

That paints a bleak picture! I am an American who worries that the ripple effect of unrest in the Middle East will spread! I admire the journalist who are wiling to risk life and limb to report the story! I have to find my info on Lebanon online most of the time because the main stream media in America isn't covering it. Great post! Thought provoking! I really like your site! I will be back soon to see what's new! Good luck!