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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Squabbling in the Israeli Cabinet?

Haaretz, in its online edition reported the following under the title "PM, Peretz at odds on expanded ground operation":

Defense Minister Amir Peretz told Israel Defense Forces officials on Thursday evening to begin preparing for the next stage of the military offensive in south Lebanon, which would extend the IDF's control to all Lebanese territory south of the Litani River.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, however, is said to be reluctant about expanding Israel's ground operation. While Peretz believes that the short-range rocket threat posed by Hezbollah can be neutralized by taking the area up to the Litani, Olmert feels that such a move would not be able to counter the longer-range missile threat posed by the Shi'ite organization.

So, it would seem, the Israeli PM who has declared victory, doesn't believe his own words. The defence minister on the other hand, seems to be willing to indulge HA in its wishes for an expanded buffer zone, one that would give them further room to declare Israel as an occupation force, fight it, and gain more support among the Lebanese.

What I and many others have complained about, I will now repeat. Israel has no strategy for winning its war. It has failed to set reasonable achievable objectives, and is forcing its own hand. The more they fight and fail, the more they have to fight looking for some form of achievement. Many have wondered before about the stability of Siniora's government and its ability to withstand this war and its aftermath. I wonder if we should be asking the same questions of Olmert's government.


Abu kais said...

Good point. The statements we're getting from the Israeli officials have been inconsistent since the beginning of this war. The only consistency i see is the targeting of civilians.

Anonymous said...


I fail to find consistancy from their leaders on a daily basis!

Miss Leb

Lirun said...

hi r

thank you for visiting me blog.. i have accepted your invitation.. dressed myself in siberian clad and embarked on the journey to your blog where - as you foreshadowed - the temperature drops severely ;)

i think it fair and unfortunate for you to note the "touch and go" policy of our government in this war..

a lot of expectations have been sidelined and new playground rules have emerged..

i have never seen a war driven so deeply by the psychological aspects.. its almost as if the facts on the ground are mere auxiliary to the mental impact that we are having on eachother and i mean that with no disrespect tothe victims on either sides of our borders of which there are many..

while our governmental osilation is extreme.. i urge you to note one thing that has been constant - and that is our methods of coping.. our media have been free to dictate their own rules.. they actively quiz and drill our leaders as well as low ranking soldiers.. family members.. friends.. girlfriends.. pedestrians to ensure that we have a clear view of what is going on in our country..

we have been relayed all of nasralla's speeches with translations and been constantly presented high standing community members who speak for and against the war..

we have been free to form our own opinions based on broad input..

we have been free to support our victims and criticise our leadership without fear of repercussion..

the desire to defend israel and its coeity has been consistent.. this message has not changed..

r.. you know i seek peace andin my own way have peace with many lebanese friends of mine..

i dont ask you all to agree with me in relation to everything.. but i do ask you to joinme in voicing my desire for peace so that we can bolster the commonality of this dream..

i believe it is achievable and i believe that if we work hard enough at it our children will enjoy a much moer wonderful middle east..

wishing safety and peace to all of us

its our home - together.. lets it make it livable..