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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tense Ceasefire in Effect

8:00 am Lebanon time, a tense cease-fire goes into effect. One hour into it, the ceasefire seems to be holding, eventhough Israel is saying that it will maintain its blockade of the ports and airports in Lebanon. Also, the Lebanese government meeting yesterday was cancelled, possibly over disagreement over the disarmament of Hizbulla.

Very tense times and uncertainty looms large, but there is hope yet.


Ocean Guy said...

Lebanon's only hope is a resumption of hostilities and Hizbollah's defeat. Otherwise Hizbollah simply asserts its authority over the Lebanese government.

Lebanon is Hizbollah now, and if Hizbollah can play nice for a couple of weeks, they will have a French-led international force to protect them from Israeli agression, allowing them to cement their rule over the rest of Lebanon... Congratulations... Israel was defeated, Hizbollah won... Lebanon is lost.

Anonymous said...

The Reflection of a Fading Sunrise
By: Arvin Gumato Pareja

Into the blazing stillness of grief, the mourning angst echoes like an unruffled midnight roar that brings forth the dread in every living creature in that once quiet lay in Lebanon. The affected are perplexed with helplessness, hunger, disease, isolation and foreboding, you will hear a piercing ill-omened outcry – a heartbreaking veil of a life’s canvass grounded by hostilities.

Lives lost in gray, hope mislaid and the future is vanished- turning back the tide of time beyond the beginnings.

Incredulity? let us not be unsighted by our faith. If our counsel recite that illustrious exodus of our bible from the heart of its pious wisdom; let all amen. But in times of treachery to perfidy a flimsy faith to trail a ruthless plot calculated to deceive an innocuous heart is a dismal - and to those who are sentient consenting such leader perfecting in conspire? Let you be haunted by the souls you slaughtered.

The obliteration is vast, its disturbing trauma will forever last until the end of age, its psychological horror will rut in the souls of those who witnessed the bloody times that ensnare the lives of the innocent. Like a perpetual vista; that furious fire that doom and the times of war will forever be evoked.

And why did it happen?. Like any other manner of fight, supremacy is the typical raison d'être in dealing with all sorts of impact in order to victor a game. And such political drama; like an ensemble – these religious brawny have had perfected the art of manipulating the poor - using the obverse of religious kinds in order to sham and denote the might of control even if it causes a ruinous means of war. That, as it happens it has eroded a once carved footprints of hope, dreams and aspirations.

And as we all find the ray of hope faded in the light; let not the sunrise fade to those who are among victims.